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Free Printable Resources!

Welcome to this page of free, downloadable resources. Hopefully these documents will help you answer some questions concerning your job search and get you pointed in the right direction.

Sample Chronological Résumé

Check out the Elements of a Winning Résumé!  Read through the various components of a traditional, reverse chronological private industry résumé with an executive profile and skills summary.

How To Write a Marketable Résumé [Brochure]

No one likes writing their resume, but almost everyone understands how important it is to have one when competing for a job.  Here are some powerful tips towards securing your next interview.

How To Incorporate Temporary Employment On Your Résumé

Adding temporary employment can seem a little tricky if you’re trying to use a standard template to fill in the content of your résumé.  This document provides a great visual on how to interpret your temporary and contract experience effectively.

Achievement Statements

Achievement statements tell the employer HOW you did your job!   It is critical to incorporate at least ONE achievement statement into your employment history, per employer.

Job Search Checklist

You think there’s no more hope in finding employment and you think you’ve done everything!  Chances are, you probably missed a few things.  Here is a four-page list of ideas and recommendations to enhance your opportunities and put you to work.

Résumé Action Words  Coming Soon!

Nearly every book, article, and career specialist on the topic of résumé writing will advise you to use high-impact action words, and avoid the passive tense.  It can be tough to come up with targeted words to effectively whet the appetite of your reader, so we’ve provided some for you.

Military Job Seeker Checklist

If you are an active duty military member in transition or a military veteran, this list provides additional resources to use towards your job search.

Military-to-Civilian Résumé Tips

As you are developing your private industry resume, it is important that you avoid using military “unofficial” acronyms slang, jargon or terms as civilian employers and recruiters just do not understand military terminology.  Here are a handful of tips to get you started.

How To Apply For a Federal Job [Excerpt from GI Jobs]

“Follow these steps to a great government career.”

Military Job Ready Resources [Colorado Springs Residents]

Targeted for military transitioners, veterans, and spouses actively seeking employment and are living in the Colorado Springs military community.

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