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Jason Brugman MCAR, MMOAS

Major, Air National Guard                                                      Military Transition Consultant

Jason Brugman is an experienced Cyber and Telecommunications Leader, with expertise in Policy and Personnel Development, Strategic Planning, Project Management, Program Integration, Fiscal Accounting and Advocacy Generation, and International Relations.

Jason has over 17 years of military service working in austere, geographically separated and multinational environments.  Handpicked to serve as initial Cyber cadre for space command, Jason was one of 12 across the Air Force selected to provide curriculum inputs for the inaugural Air Force Cyber professional development course, leading to updates focusing on development of policy, force structure and field guidance.

Jason was also recognized as number one of 280 field grade officers to be selected as NATO’s 2008 USAF Lance P. Sijan Leadership award nominee.

Jason is passionate about helping others understand their worth and identify and achieve their personal and professional goals.

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Christine Brugman  MAOM, GHRM

President, Resumes Right Away, LLC                               Employment Readiness and Recruiting Consultant

Christine Brugman is an experienced Career Services Professional, Recruiting Specialist, and United States Air National Guard spouse who helps managers, staffed employees, and job candidates recognize and achieve their occupational goals and career potential.

Christine has more than 15 years experience in training development, delivery, and applicant movement.  She spent three years overseas coaching and mentoring local military spouses, and proudly worked as a Management Consultant Volunteer for NATO where she designed and deployed an executive management workshop at the NATO Programming Centre for both civilian and military personnel concentrating on the installation’s unique business and recruiting objectives.

Prior to moving overseas, Christine spent 11 years as an Operations and hiring manager and four years as a Talent Management Specialist, Recruiter, and Career Development advisor.  For two years, she consulted for a national, military-affiliated non-profit organization educating military family job seekers on how to enhance their resume writing skills and capacity to express the relevance of their professional competencies and strengths to potential employers.

She continues to partner with local military family centers and her local community to provide comprehensive career development support for civilian, federal, and military-affiliated job seekers worldwide.

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Published Articles

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Employment Events and Workshops

NATO Programming Centre (NPC) – Glons, Belgium 2008
Recruiting Consultant / Facilitator

  • Generated, led two-day interactive recruiting workshops for executive civilian and military personnel.
  • Formulated and delivered customized and role specific management training solutions resulting in the hiring of 40 new qualified personnel.

USAF Transition Assistance Program (TAP) – Peterson AFB, CO 2010 – Pres
Guest Speaker / Employer Panelist

  • Provided valuable employment information to assist Airmen, civilian employees, and their family members facing the transition from military to civilian life by providing them with the information, skills and knowledge needed for a smooth and successful transition.
  • Answered questions relating to resume writing, the job search process, recruiting trends, and expectations of hiring managers.

Career Tracks Seminar for Military Spouses – US Air Force Academy, CO
Regular Guest Speaker / Employer Panelist

  • Shared information and answered questions from participants on what organizations specifically desire in a candidate, recruiting and employment trends, and successful job search practices.
  • Provided individual career direction consulting to each participant preparing military spouses to take active responsibility for their career decisions and job search.

Job Search Techniques – Peterson AFB, CO 2010 – 2011
Workshop Facilitator

  • Educated senior NCOs, company grade officers, and military spouses on how to effectively allocate their time searching for and applying for positions online, at career fairs, and through social and professional networking.
  • Focused on the magic of networking and how referrals play an integral part of the employment process, introduced the “mini” resume and proven job-search methods and supporting statistics

Fort Carson ACAP Career Fair – Ft. Carson, CO 2010
Recruiting Specialist / Career Consultant

  • Interviewed and coached military-affiliated jobs seekers for job openings and upcoming placement opportunities.
  • Facilitated brief “Pocket Resumes & Networking” seminar that focused on the importance of networking and the advantages of maintaining professional relationships with the community.


Training & Development


Professional Affiliations


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