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Many thanks to the Colorado Springs Gazette and reporter Erin Prater for her comprehensive cover story on Christine and Résumés Right Away!

We hope that you enjoy the read and we welcome your comments.  Lastly, there are a few points in the article I want to clarify.

I frequently work with and consult Soldiers and Airmen in Colorado Springs.  Many of them have experience with deployed and combat operations.  Those with combat experience contend with many complex variables in that environment, but they bring a strength, sense of teamwork, and focus that are unparalleled in the civilian environment.  When I meet with Soldiers that express concerns about their roles in, and perceptions of combat, we remain sensitive to the gravity of their experience while focusing on the positive, constructive lessons and applications of  combat. This approach is meant to instill confidence during the transition from military to civilian life.

In the example shared in the article, the Soldier I spoke with expressed concern that combat operations were his primary responsibility. We worked through the process to glean information about teambuilding, goal-setting, and mission readiness – all skills that are VERY transferable to and extremely valuable in the civilian workforce.

“Christine launched Résumés Right Away, which offers custom résumés and services to transitioning military members and small-business owners.”

Yes, we in fact provide career services to transitioning military members, but we also provide services to military spouses and professional, civilian job seekers.  We also partner with and provide business services and workshops for small businesses.

Click on the image below for access to the full article or click HERE.


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