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Yes, USAJOBS 3.0 rollout wasn’t as smooth as intended, but they have done a great job slowly working out the bugs, extending job application submission dates, and communicating their progress toward a final launch.

So what does this mean for federal job seekers?  BE PREPARED!  Understanding these changes will be critical in making sure you are ready to rock when the potential influx of job announcements hits the site.

USAJOBS has updated their tutorials on the résumé  and application process as well as an introduction to the new advanced search tool.


  • Have a plain text (ASCII), web-ready résumé ready to go so that you can easily copy and paste your information into the provided résumé builder.  We recommend using this approach over downloading your own résumé.  By using the résumé builder, your information is less likely to be presented to an employer with technical errors.
  • Prior to the application process, ensure you have information handy for the following:  Annual salary, supervisor contact information (current and updated), months AND years of employment, relevant certifications and licenses, publications, professional affiliations, and relevant professional training.
  • Pull key phrases from the job vacancy as well as the Occupational Questionnaire – this is a great place to find additional information and ideas on content to incorporate into your résumé.
  • Spell out ALL acronyms for their first “mention”, but try to avoid use of unless necessary.
  • Ensure you have the correct tense agreement – Current positions are detailed in present tense.  Previous positions are noted in the past tense.

For more information on federal employment opportunities, visit


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