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Don’t want to upgrade your LinkedIn account, but want to search for posted jobs?  No problem!  Follow these simple steps to do just that.

  1. Make sure you are on your home page by clicking on “Home”.
  2. Toggle over to your search field where it defaults to “People”.
  3. Put your mouse over “People” and it will give you a drop down.  Select “Jobs”.
  4. Enter your city, state, or even company name in the search field.  You can also use the “Advanced” link to narrow down your search criteria.
  5. Browse through the listed jobs that are posted.
  6. You can click the “Apply Now” button to apply for the position by following the given instructions and upload options (have a résumé ready to go).
  7. OR you can navigate to the top of the page and select “Go back to Job Search Results” to browse through more jobs posted.
  8. To save your job search, navigate to the top of the Jobs Home page and select the “+Save” link.



Voila… that’s it.


LinkedIn has various other tools to assist in the job search process to include their JobsInsider Toolbar that “integrates into your web browser, so when you are viewing a job listing on a job site, you can automatically see your inside connections at that company.” – LinkedIn

LinkedIn also has a great Job Seekers Learning Center that shares tips to help you best utilize LinkedIn for your job search.  Happy hunting!


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