Dedicated toward helping job-seekers take charge of their job search, build confidence, and advance their careers.

Abridged: Diane Stafford, McClatchy Company, Oct 2010

SACRAMENTO, CA — Job hunting can be scary, regardless of the time of year. Here’s a sackful of tips from job clubs, recruiters and human resource consultants to improve the odds of a good job-offer haul: Use LinkedIn to connect with people you’ve worked with, and join the site’s relevant online groups to get your name in their networks. Recruiters are scavenging names from LinkedIn because they know that people who know people are the best resources.

Don’t just search on well-worn paths. If you ONLY respond to online job postings you’re going to be joining hundreds of other applicants. Save time and use job search engines that bring back job ads from a variety of job boards and specialty niche sites. Spend some time focusing on trade publications and corporate web sites. Attend professional and association meetings in your field. Let people know what you’re looking for. In this economy it may not be wise to reject jobs because they don’t pay what you used to earn. A lateral or step down may be the foot in the door you need.

Don’t masquerade as someone you’re not. Have an accurate self perception of your talents and your market worth. Study the landscape. Don’t waste your time hunting in depressed areas or industries that have nothing to give. If you aren’t getting a job dumped in your lap, create one. Sell your talents to an employer who didn’t even realize he/she needed you.


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