Dedicated toward helping job-seekers take charge of their job search, build confidence, and advance their careers.

Is there such thing as a “short-cut” to online applications and frequent resume distribution? Yes there is! It’s called networking. Since today’s economy is not only having an impact on the current workforce and desperate job seekers, but affecting employer’s staffing and recruiting practices, desperate times are calling for “creative and non-traditional” measures. According to hiring managers and corporate recruiters, it is more profitable to attend networking functions as a job-seeker for several reasons: (1) It allows job candidates to market themselves in person rather than just on paper, (2) it provides an opportunity for the employer to conduct a brief and informal interview in a professional or social setting and possibly get a job referral out of the conversation, and (3) in most cases, allows the job-seeker to “jump ahead in line” as a result of an impressive conversation with a potential employer. “Jumping ahead” also benefits the employer as it helps to decrease the need to read through hundreds of incoming resumes and applications.In most cases, an employer would rather meet a potential job candidate through a networking event than on paper.

Once a job-seeker has made a lasting impression on a potential employer, the employer can be given a resume business card, or “pocket resume”.  A pocket resume is a handy way of distributing your resume. You can find some great examples online on how to format and present your business card. Simply put, a business card resume is a summary of your job interest, skills and qualifications, key accomplishments, and educational background. Most job-seekers that use resume business cards to market themselves through networking events incorporate a web link to a full online resume that they created for potential employers to reference. No stack of resume papers to carry around (for either party), serves as an easy reference, and even saves costs in purchasing and printing on letter-sized paper!


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