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Adding achievement statements with an Action, Impact, and Result can increase your chances in piquing the interest of a potential employer.  Listing job duties and responsibilities as part of your Professional or Work Experience heading is a thing of the past.  Employers want to know about specific actions/behaviors you took on the job to either resolve a problem, improve a process, or save the organization time/money; the impact of your actions, and the final result!

This can be established by introducing accomplishment or achievement statements in place of a summary of your “bulleted” daily routine:

“Fostered an open-door environment conducive to positive dialogue across the organization. Personal efforts were cited as the driving force behind department’s employee-retention rate of 85% within an industry where high turnover is the norm.”

“Led sales team to attain 25 percent revenue growth and 95 percent client retention by developing and coaching employees in the areas of product knowledge, positioning, and sales strategy.”

“Implemented strategies that motivated and inspired students to succeed, persist in, and complete high school, preparing them for the post-secondary education and training critical to future economic successes; assisted Dean of Students in disciplinary management; Student pass rates improved by 95%.”

Most employers will provide fields within the application process to list duties and responsibilities relating to your job experience. Keep in mind that the interview is also a great opportunity to express this information to the hiring manager or recruiter. This is an excellent way to pique their interest and invite you in for an interview.


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