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Adding temporary employment can seem a little tricky if you’re trying to use a standard template to fill in the content of your resume, as this may portray you as a “job hopper”. It’s actually very easy and is just a matter of getting familiar with a bit of formatting and structure within the content of your resume document.

Here are a few steps to keep in mind when incorporating your temporary employment history, or “temp assignments” into your resume.

  1. Place the name of the staffing agency first and the corresponding dates of employment.
  2. Below that, include a one-line summary of how many assignments you completed, in what areas or industries, and for how long in each.
  3. List the clients you worked for, starting with your most recent, along with corresponding dates, duties and accomplishments.
  4. Continue listing your previous work experience, as applicable, just as you would in a traditional chronological resume format.

Click on the image below for a more detailed and visual description of this process:

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